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DAQRI Anatomy 4D

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Description: An augmented reality Apple & Android app which allows you to explore human anatomy.
Category: Science > Human Body & Health
DAQRI Anatomy 4D

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Other Links in This Section

This is a good Secondary school whiteboard resource for teaching about homeostasis of the body.

An interactive human jigsaw from the BBC.
A website showcasing the amazing abilities of the human brain. [Be aware - Site has a section on sexual health which is unsuitable for young children]
The Brain Awareness Week (14-20 Mar) site from Dana has great resources about the brain for all ages. Make the most of your's.
A click and drag game where you have to put the man together one bodily system at a time.
A stunning 3D biology resource which allows you to look at human anatomy in fine detail. Zoom and move the body removing and adding layers of organs, muscles, nerves and other systems with the click of a button. The info box gives details about each thing you click on. The site doesn't work equally well in all browsers and Chrome seems to be the best suited.
A beautifully made science site of games to teach you about the brain.
A logic science game designed to teach about neutrons and the brain. Connect the neutrons to score points a micrometre at a time.
This is a fun Android and Apple app from University College London were players complete a range of games to exercise the brain cells and provide researchers with real, but anonymous data to use in their study.
Use this interactive online ear diagram to examine the workings of how we hear sound. You can embed the ear on to your website (much better that embedding a website into your ear!).
Help scientists do real science and map the brain for medical research. Play the game by colouring in the neurons to plot them in 3D space. The site has a good tutorial to get you started.

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A citizen science project from Cancer Research UK which number crunches the data as you play a space shoot-em-up on your Apple or Android device.

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An augmented Apple & Android app which allows you to explore human anatomy.

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