Session 235: Innovative Approaches to Professional Development

Hosted by Gary King

235PromoFor this session, host Gary King is explored ‘innovative approaches to Professional Development’, as schools are now a lot more independent in how they ensure their staff receive – especially with budgets cut and local support dissipated.

The questions released during the session explored:

  1. What’s the best CPD you’ve ever experienced and why? How did it impact upon your development as a professional?
  2. All schools deliver CPD differently, so how important is it to embrace the diverse skill-set of all staff and why?
  3. Should students lead CPD for staff, if so, how? What examples are there already?
  4. Which is more effective in developing innovative approaches to T&L: CPD which is led by staff for staff or CPD which is ‘bought in’ /external courses?
  5. Teach meets, teach eats, teach tweets are all growing trends connecting educators on a global dimension, what other innovative approaches are there?
  6. As technology develops, how important will this become in the evolution of CPD 10 years from now?

The summary will be produced over the next few days, but in the meantime, here is the Storify from the session. Please share with your colleagues and Professional Network,

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