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Great CrossWord iPad Game for Pupils or Adults

AnyWord Xword




Ease of Use









  • Insert you own words
  • Encourages thinking
  • Opportunity to collaborate
  • Could be used individually, or for a small group


  • Only available for iPad
  • Only works in Portrait mode

AnyWordFeatureCrosswords can be very taxing – challenging the brightest of people via their creative clues to help get to the correct answer. Well, what if you had a crossword with none of these vexing clues which simply required you to create words to complete a crossword pattern? That is exactly what the team working with Alan Peat have produced in their new iPad app AnyWord Xword which challenges the player to complete crossword grids using their own words.

Each level has an intriguing blank crossword grid… with NO clues! Any word from the English language can be used! As the crosswords become more complex (with more words and more intersections) the game becomes ever more challenging! Currently, there twenty increasingly complex levels.

Designed as an individual or family game, there is also the capacity to use this game in the classroom, as students could be challenged to work collaboratively to see how many points they gain as they progress up the levels – certainly with pupils aged 7+ in our opinion.

Priced at £1.49*, the App is available from the Apple App Store via the link above (or click here to view).

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