Session 236: Assessment for Learning

Hosted by Aysha Haq

With many school and educational systems allows more freedom in their assessment practices, this UKEdChat session, hosted by Aysha Haq, explored how Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies are currently working in schools. The session asked:

  1. What does Assessment for Learning mean to you?
  2. Can you give example/s of good Assessment practices?
  3. How important is Assessment for Learning with the new frameworks at all levels of education?
  4. What examples have you used, or seen used, for using technology for Assessments?
  5. How do you evidence AfL and measure its impact?
  6. How do you use the outcomes of AfL to inform?


[pullquote]Mix solo and blooms = potent for tiered assessment/feedback #ukedchat

Tweet of the Week, via Gareth Butcher


Assessment for learning albeit a “classic” topic is one still very relevant and current in our daily teaching practices. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the direct payoff of your teaching that AFL techniques offer. All the amazing contributor offered some fantastic examples of great assessment practices starting from starters activities to showcasing underpinning models of assessment.

We identified the importance of AFL with the new frameworks at all levels of education and highlighted the role and influence of instant feedback made possible by the using technology for assessments. Further exploring led us to discuss what the best way to explore “Evidencing” AFL and measuring the difference it makes where we easily mentioned how bureaucracy dictated this area.

Finally drawing a close to our tantalizing discussion its intriguing to consider how fellow peers use their AFL outcomes to inform the direction their lessons and the answer was unanimous; progress,review and reflect! A thoroughly enjoyable session!

Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session:

  • Andy Knill ?@aknill
    @ukedchat @a_haq #ukedchat #afl means my pupils know how they are achieving and how to progress further in an open environment
    @ukedchat @a_haq #ukedchat A1 it’s why I believe in and evangelise about #solotaxonomy
  • Andy Moor ?@amoor4ed
    @ukedchat @a_haq – knowing where children are in their learning and making sure you use this info to move them forward #afl #ukedchat
  • Fran Firmin ?@FranFirmin
    @2learnthink @a_haq does it have to always be criteria driven? #ukedchat
  • Gareth Butcher ?@2learnthink
    @a_haq criteria critical. Need to assess against specific hierarchical elements to provide stretch and support #ukedchat
  • Gareth Butcher ?@2learnthink
    Mix solo and blooms = potent for tiered assessment/feedback #ukedchat
  • UKEdChat ?@ukedchat
    Did AfL shift priority when the government changed the goalposts though? #ukedchat
  • Andy Moor ?@amoor4ed
    @a_haq @2learnthink feedback is key – problem is it’s not always done in the best way. #ukedchat
  • Gareth Butcher ?@ 2learnthink
    @a_haq criteria critical. Need to assess against specific hierarchical elements to provide stretch and support #ukedchat
  • Gareth Butcher ? @ 2learnthink
    Teach to the top and provide effective support to guide independent learning. No point aiming to the middle ground #ukedchat
  • Toan T and L ?@TOANTandL
    @a_haq @amoor4ed @2learnthink afl without feedback or action isn’t really afl #ukedchat
  • Mummatron ?@517Fish
    @ukedchat AFL is embedded within everything – what’s more difficult is how to have an impact on learning with effective feedback #ukedchat
  • Andy Knill ?@aknill
    #ukedchat the progress agenda is better for #Afl as all pupils need to progress relative to their own needs
  • Andy Knill ?@aknill
    @a_haq #ukedchat good practice examples include a common classroom language on expectations with staff and pupils – share with all
  • @a_haq Agreed, but it has to be adopted, welcomed and understood by the leaders #ukedchat which can be where the problem is…?
  • Andy Moor ?@amoor4ed
    @ukedchat absolutely – it’s all about afl now. No longer level junkies but talking about learning. #ukedchat #balance
  • Gareth Butcher ? @ 2learnthink
    Nurture a #growthmindset #ukedchat
  • TheTeacher ?@TheTeacher6
    “@jca_1975: Dylan Wiliam’s 5 key strategies for AFL, including follow-up actions #aussieED #ukedchat @EduTweetOz ”
  • Chris Chivers ?@ChrisChivers2
    #ukedchat T&L / assessment with children in mind? …
  • Jeanne Garnham ?@Learning_LCC
    @ukedchat @a_haq Personalisation: differentiated assessment, set at a pace that prepares them for an ‘assessment window’ #ukedchat
  • Gaz Needle ?@gazneedle
    @a_haq @ASTsupportAAli @ukedchat Just wondering what the best ways of evidencing AfL to show chn have attained EoY expectations? #ukedchat
  • David ?@david_kly
    #ukedchat A great way of obtaining #AFL is by using clicker devices. Many schools have them in a dusty cupboard. Pain to set up but worth it
  • Mr Wallace ?@afl_teaching
    @aknill @a_haq key language and a growth mindset underpin #AFL #ukedchat
  • Gareth Butcher ?@2learnthink
    Process #ukedchat
  • Mr Allsop History ?@MrAllsopHistory
    @david_kly #edtech alternative clickers now though – tablets, smartphones, etc. Apps like Nearpod and Socrative make it painless. #ukedchat
  • Andy Moor ?@amoor4ed
    @ukedchat @a_haq absolutely essential – the content doesn’t matter – only the principles that drive our pedagogy #ukedchat #balance
  • blueprintteacher ?@blueprintteach
    @ukedchat @a_haq #ukedchat done have started to call it just formative feedback now @LearningSpy I think?
  • Andy Moor ?@amoor4ed
    @a_haq @TheTeacher6 @jca_1975 @EduTweetOz still going – it’s about embedding habits and letting go of others! Needs reflection #ukedchat
  • blueprintteacher ?@blueprintteach
    @ukedchat @a_haq assess thoughts it lesson and reshape. Can’t wait to use polling apps eg. kahoot to do this! #ukedchat
  • Gaz Needle ?@gazneedle
    @docomputing @a_haq @ASTsupportAAli @ukedchat So AfL for Ts. Test results for SLT? #ukedchat
  • Jeanne Garnham ?@Learning_LCC
    @ukedchat @a_haq Padlet, Google+ communities, Onefile, Accelerated Reading (12 yr old daughter said that one!), voting systems #ukedchat
  • blueprintteacher ?@blueprintteach
    @ukedchat @a_haq #ukedchat talk partners used well with focus and time limit works well with lolly stick random selection of pupils to
  • @ukedchat @a_haq #ukedchat We use videos on class blogs for peer and self assessment and documenting practical evidence. Pupils love it.
  • Mr Allsop History ?@MrAllsopHistory
    @amoor4ed @a_haq @david_kly …where being stuck in the lesson plan can be a huge barrier to AFL! #ukedchat
  • E Davies ?@emma_teacher
    @a_haq @ukedchat Personally: activating learners to peer and self assess with more depth, plus comments not grades as key areas #ukedchat
  • Jeanne Garnham ?@Learning_LCC
    @ukedchat @a_haq and impact is PROGRESS, PROGRESS & PROGRESS… #ukedchat
  • Gaz Needle ?@gazneedle
    @Learning_LCC @ukedchat @a_haq Just wondering how much progress is good progress with new curriculum? #ukedchat
  • Fran Firmin ?@FranFirmin
    @gazneedle @Learning_LCC @ukedchat @a_haq student progress always good! Ownership over own learning. Setting own targets #ukedchat
  • Mummatron ?@517Fish
    @ukedchat we need to stop thinking about evidencing – who is evidencing for? SLT and OFSTED. Where are the kids in this?! #ukedchat

Storify from the Session:


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