EduApp: Earth Primer for iPad

Discover how Earth works through play!

Earth Primer




Ease of Use









  • Richly interactive geological simulations.
  • Explore the forces of nature
  • Fantastic simulation & appealing visuals
  • Really helps students to understand how our planet works
  • Interactive chapters


  • A little pricey, but you need to pay for quality sometimes


As developers continue to become more creative with the design and understanding of the programming involved in producing apps for the iPad, the range of possibilities to incorporate apps into everyday lessons is becoming more achievable.

Earth Primer is a science book for playful people. Discover how Earth works through play—on your iPad. Join a guided tour of how Earth works, with the forces of nature at your fingertips. Visit volcanoes, glaciers, sand dunes. Play with them, look inside, and see how they work.

Earth Primer defies existing genres, combining aspects of science books, toys, simulations, and games. It is a new kind of interactive experience which joins the guided quality of a book with open ended simulation play. A key motivation behind the creation of Earth Primer is to model a new genre for other designers to borrow from, helping our culture re-imagine the possibilities inherent to simulations and interactive books.

This interactive book contains five chapters, exploring: Earth’s Interior, Surface, Water Cycle, Biomes, and Sandbox – all containing richly interactive geological simulations. The forces of nature are at your fingertips allowing student to make volcanoes, shape sand dunes, form glaciers, sculpt mountains, push around tectonic plates, paint with wind, heat up magma—and more! See the video feature below, and view the app in the Apple App Store by clicking the link below:


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