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A Re-Blog by Lenny Dutton, sharing her favourite iPad Apps

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27iPadAppsFeature1. Paper53 (Apple App Store Link)

I love Paper! I am not good at drawing and I am very heavy handed, but when I use Paper I can make things which are beautiful! I usually use this for doing small drawings I put into presentations and I also use it for Brainstorming. I love that each project is contained in a beautiful moleskin style notebook. You can customise the front covers or leave them plain. This means students could have a different book for each subject or for each topic.

This app is FREE, but I recommended paying to get the upgrade so you have the full set of drawing tools (ed.– all tools which were previously an in-app purchase are currently free to download within the app).


2. Tayasui Sketches (Apple App Store Link)

This basically does the same thing as Paper, but all tools are FREE. However I still prefer Paper, because I love the notebooks, the examples of fantastic art made on the app and the over all look of the app. As a teacher I often use both these apps to make my class icon on iTunesU or to add images to the first slide of lesson presentations!


3. Phoster (Apple App Store Link)

Phoster allows you to easily create bold and beautiful posters. They look very professional and stylish. I think the default font is probably Helvetica (the dreamiest of all fonts). My advisory group have been using this to make posters for our school Guiding Principles.  I’m going to start using this to make posters with debate motions and class discussion questions – I think having a Google Slide with one of these posters on would not only look beautiful, but would make a real impact.

This app costs £1.49 – if you would like a free alternative try Canva or Font Candy (which also makes beautiful posters and signs, but can be a little twee)


4. Wreck This App (Apple App Store Link)

I did a whole blog post about this app a while ago! Basically it’s a sketch book with prompts for what to draw on each page – things like ‘write down as many four letter words as you can’ or ‘upload a photo you don’t like of yourself and deface it’. I recommend suggesting students who are quite hyper and creative to use it (I use it!) or to set it as a project for students to do over the summer! It’s quite therapeutic and I really enjoyed using this app myself! Penguin Group US also create This is Not an App – an equally amazing and very similar app, but it had less of a focus on drawing and includes writing a wish-list, recording sounds and other media inputs!
It costs £3.99 but it is well worth it!


5. Pinterest (Apple App Store Link)

I’ve been using the Pinterest website for a few years and only recently starting using their app. Originally I used Pinterest to collect and store ideas to improve my own teaching practice, but I now get students to use it to gather ideas and inspiration for various projects. The app is so easy to use and I am regularly pinning things on the bus! I also think it is good for students to have the app, as it stays logged in and the icon sits as a reminder on their iPad desktop! This app is also FREE.


6. Brain Pop UK (Apple App Store Link)

If your school has a subscription make sure your students have this app. BrainPop is great for flipping the classroom and for checking student understanding. I use it often for homework and get students to simply take a screen grab of the results of the quiz. If you don’t have a subscription try the BrainPop Featured Movie App. You can also read my guest post on BrainPop’s blog about how we use it at my school. The apps are both FREE, but the first one requires a subscription to see all the fantastic videos.


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