The Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm by @MrGutoA

Too Noisy? An Alarming Solution!

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I have just invested in an incredible new piece of technology. With a class that can sometimes forget about keeping their noise level in check, it’s the perfect solution.

This is the Amazing Sound Sensitive Classroom Noise Alarm!!

If the class start talking at too loud a level, the alarm goes off automatically to remind them to quieten down! It works a treat with my class!

  •  I can set it to Silent Lesson, Quiet Lesson or Group work Lesson and it amends its sensitivity accordingly!
  • It ignores my voice so won’t go off when I’m presenting!
  • It knows when you’re in a lesson and when it’s tidy up time so won’t go off when you don’t want it to!
  • It has a choice of 42 different alarm songs!
  • It costs less than $10!
Ok, ok, those of you who are observant will already have noticed that it’s actually just a doorbell, and here on my desk is the secret doorbell button that I press to set it off when I think the class is too noisy!
Don’t tell my class though, they are ever so quiet these days!

Guto Aaron is a Year 3 teacher, Computing Subject Leader and GAFE Leader

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