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iPad Writing App which is ideal for proof reading back your own work

Voice Dream Writer




Ease of Use









  • Uses SIRI as default reader, but other voice packs are available.
  • Reads back each word typed, then reads whole sentence when completed.
  • Highlights errors and allows searching for misspelled words.
  • Phonetic and meaning search help you use the right words.
  • Synchronises and exports text easily.


  • Quite pricey, but worth the investment if you're a writer.

VoiceDreamWriterFeatureHow many times have you asked pupils to read back over their work to check that they have not made any errors, and their writing makes sense? They assure you that they have read through, but only for you to find the work littered with errors and nonsensical sentences.

Now, here’s an idea. What if there was an aide that could read back their work for them, so they could hear whether their work makes any sense.

voicedreamwriter For those who use iPads in school, there is now a solution with the launch of VoiceDream Writer app, which talks you through your writing; repeating back each sentence as you complete it.

Not only that, but the app has the capability to suggest word improvements to improve the writing even more. We would suggest that individuals use headphones with the app, not to disturb people around them!
The app uses SIRI to talk you through your writing, and switching between the different accents is simple within the settings.

We have reviewed quite a few writing apps on UKEdChat and the technology that is evolving with these apps is impressive. However, VoiceWriter has taken this development to a new level, and is a great resource for writers in schools and beyond (yes, we’re using the app to write this review, and ensure that it reads correctly).

The app helps you find the right words using phonetic search and meaning search. For example, search for “inuf” phonetically, and you will find “enough”, and search for “Fast Africa Cat” by meaning and you will find “Cheetah.” Word Finder also shows you the dictionary definition of a word as you type without you having to select anything or open another program.

The app is not cheap, but we think it is quite unique in its design and features – being worthy of an investment for writers, or for those who work with students with specific needs. For example, it is easy to Synchronize and backup with iCloud; Import and export for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box; Markdown support for formatting; Export to Microsoft Word format (compatible with Apple Pages); and has support for Bluetooth keyboards.

The app is not only fully accessible, it was designed with students and adults with print disabilities in mind. There are special tools for VoiceOver users to manage the cursor and select text. Visually impaired users can also easily find and correct misspelled words by stepping through them. Voice Proofreading and Phonetic Search are invaluable for people with dyslexia.

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