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Ease of Use









  • Great timed challenge activity.
  • Could support word/phonic development.


  • Works only in portrait mode on iPad

WordJuiceImage1Your task is simple: squeeze as much juice from the oranges as you can in three minutes.

To squeeze juice from an orange, you have to create words! Each orange is divided into 8 segments (three vowels and five consonants) AND a central vowel. Tap the letters to make a word, then tap ‘GO’ to squeeze the orange and start juicing! Each word must be three or more letters long and MUST include the central vowel. The longer the word, the more juice you’ll make and if you use words with trickier letters, such as J, Q and Z, you’ll make even more juice! If you make a mistake, tap the ‘X’ button to delete, one letter at a time, or hold the ‘X’ button to clear the whole word.

After squeezing three or more words from an orange, you can ask for “FRESH FRUIT PLEASE”. You will be given a fresh orange with new letters. Only do this if you are running out of words to squeeze from your orange, as the multiplier will reset to zero! The more words you squeeze from a single orange, the more effectively the points multiplier works. Reach the top of the multiplier and start scoring BIG points!

Every time you “squeeze” a word you’ll light a part of the multiplier meter. Reach the top to start scoring BIG points! But be careful. If you end up asking for “FRESH FRUIT PLEASE” the multiplier will reset.

This could be a great whole-class, individual or group activity for pupils at all ages in school.

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