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Swift Programming For Kids

Robot School for Kids

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  • 45 levels that teach real programming logic.
  • A preview of your code in Swift programming language.
  • Drag and drop instructions to control R-obbie.

Promo_YT_ipad_white_robotThere are many tablet apps now available all offering routes into coding and programming, which are of value for educators who have access to iPads etc., and a recent addition to our Coding Apps List is Robot School for iPad, which can easily teach students the fundamentals of the Swift programming language in a fun and progressive way.

The app provides a constant problem throughout, in that R-obbie the Robot needs a lot of energy to get back to his planet. Drag and drop programming instructions to help him reach the fuel he needs to return home safely via challenges to access the battery pack.

Robot School offers a child-friendly way to learn procedures, loops and conditional instructions, while making programming fun and accessible, regardless of prior experience. There are 45 levels that teach real programming logic, with NO in-app purchases.

We think the app is a great addition to support students from the age of 6+, as they embark on grasping the foundations of programming.

The app is priced is available for iPad or Android, and available by clicking the links above.

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