A child’s hopes for education

The thoughts of a Year 1 child, whose responses give hope for the future.

Our school are reviewing ‘Values’ with the staff, pupils, parents and governors. One of these Values is Hope.

We have designed a series of Home Learning Discussion pieces, which give some thoughts, quotes and a picture to consider. These are followed by some suggested questions, with the aim being that families will sit down and discuss their ideas, record particularly the child’s view and return these to us. It is making for fascinating reading already.

This is a re-blog post originally posted by Tim Clarke and published with kind permission.

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On the Hope sheet we have talked about how as a school we have hope for every child and every adult. That they can grow as people, learn at all times and that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

With a General Election looming I am sure we will hear plenty from politicians in the coming months about their hopes for the future of education. I wanted in this blog to share the thoughts of a Year 1 child, whose responses really moved me and made me proud and indeed hopeful for the future.

“I want to learn more and more each day and in each year group. It is important to hope for things, to look forward to new challenges that will help us learn. Hoping to improve will encourage us to keep trying. We can show hope by cheering others on and to tell them when they are doing well at something new. Adults show hope by listening to us, watching new things we have learnt and encouraging us to try new things. If we didn’t have hope I would not bother trying and would give up easily. Then I wouldn’t learn or grow.”

Personally I hope that this child has plenty of opportunities in their life to live out these hopes to make a positive and wonderful contribution to all those around them.

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