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Do more children really have auditory or visual memory problems more so nowadays?

It seems that more and more children are having auditory or visual memory problems diagnosed by the professionals who come in to see them. I find it strange. Have there actually always been this many problems or is it just that they are now being diagnosed?

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Is the fact that they play repetitive games on X-boxes and other such consoles a factor? Is it that we used to have to remember phone numbers and messages but now they are recorded instantly on phones or tablets? We used to have to “just learn” times tables and a wide variety of formulae but now rote learning isn’t such standard practice and looking things up on Google is almost instantaneous. We don’t even have to remember what we have just done so that we can retell the tale later, the phone is whipped out and a video or series of photos are taken and sent to someone or even a group of people within seconds of it happening. Does this also link to the decrease in spoken language skills in some of our children? They no longer need to remember and retell in their own words, there isn’t that exciting build up during the retelling so that the listener is desperate to hear what happened, they have already seen the 4-second video clip of the chair collapsing or the dog stealing the ice cream!

I don’t quite have the same excuse for my memory problems – I seem to be able to walk into a room and then have to retrace my steps to see why I’d gone in. I am fast becoming an expert at trying to remember where I put my keys (which have vanished from their correct place!!) and today my phone. I think I’m going to have to put that down to my age though! If things don’t change for some of our children I dread to think how their memories will be by the time they are my age though!

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