10 Sure Signs you Need a New Teaching Job! by @digicoled

Is the writing on the wall? Is it time for a move?

Are you stuck in a rut in your current school? Has the job changed that much that you really don’t enjoy the work any more?

You may just need to reinvigorate the challenge of teaching by seeking out another position in a different school. We take a light-hearted look at the possible signs of you needing to move schools to reignite the passion you once had for teaching…


  1. The staff you work with irritate you – You markedly avoid certain colleagues in your school as they are a drain on your time and life!
  2. You’ve been teaching the same teaching units for YEARS – And there is no appetite to change. You’re getting stuck in a rut!
  3. School is still using Windows XP!
  4. Staff meetings – These are not about your development, but an opportunity for managers and leaders to spout the latest whimsical political policy or remind you that your results need to improve, without any support. In fact, did you dose off during the last staff meeting? Did you? If meetings are full of management talk, clichés and unsubstantiated clap-trap then you have to question if you’re in the right place!
  5. Lunch times – these mainly consist of your drinking your fifth cup of coffee as you try to catch up with your marking, or preparing your next lesson!
  6. People scoff at your use of using social media for lesson ideas – We all know Twitter is brilliant for developing ideas, resources and activities for classroom use, but when colleagues continue to treat your use with suspicion and covertly track your activity, then run for the hills!
  7. No appreciation for a work/life balance and your well-being – we are working in a pressurised accountability system at the moment, and as a result people forget that we have a life outside school. If there is a culture of seeing to be the first in school, or the last one out at the end of the day, then is this the school for you?
  8. You are constantly spending your own personal money to buy classroom resources – This is just wrong. Keep your receipts, and show the management how much you’ve saved their yearly budgets!
  9. Vacancies catch your eye – This is a sure sign that you’re subconsciously considering a move. If other schools are advertising jobs that make you go “oh, that’s interesting” this could be an early indication that change is needed.
  10. Promotion blockers – you cannot see any way of you ever progressing in your school. The next stage up is blocked by people who have been there for years, and show no real intent on moving anywhere else! Your progression up the slippery ladder is more likely to be in another setting. Plan ahead! If you wait for promotion, you may have to work until you’re 110 (but don’t suggest that to the Education Secretary, with the way things are going)!

If any of this resonates, take a look at teaching vacancies listed with our popular jobs service by clicking here.

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