Top Ten Exam Tips by @Miss_JPala

Ten tips to share with pupils at exam time...

If you have exams approaching.. I feel you!

I remember preparing for my exams. I would sit in my room for hours and hours reading and making endless notes. Depriving myself of food and sleep. Trying to get it ALL into my head.  :/

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There are some things I realised I should have done:

  1. Relax. You can’t control everything, so take it easy and revise with a calm mind. You can even try some meditation before going to sleep; this will help you reflect on what you have revised that day.
  2. Be positive. Avoid using phrases like “I can’t do this,” or “this is too hard.” With a positive mind, you can achieve anything you want to.
  3. Eat well. Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. PS. Sugar helps the brain function better, but not too much!
  4. Drink plenty of water. This will stimulate your brain and keep you hydrated. But obviously not right before your exam!
  5. Avoid caffeinated drinks. You will feel drowsy and won’t be able to concentrate.
  6. Take regular breaks. We have attention spans of about 30-40 minutes, after this time, have a 10-minute break to do something else (for e.g. have a short walk, or tidy your room). But don’t start procrastinating!
  7. Use colour. Highlighting and using coloured post-it notes/ flashcards is extremely useful for the brain to remember information.
  8. Make rhymes. As we tend to remember song lyrics quicker than revision (fact), you can turn your notes into short rhymes. Acronyms help too!
  9. Don’t spend ages making your notes look pretty. This will only waste time. You can still include colour and pictures, but keep them simple.
  10. Ask family and friends to help you. They can test you and give you feedback.

Just remember to take it all easy and don’t pressurise yourself into thinking you must get that A*/A grade. You will be fine 🙂

Good luck!

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