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Quizzes as a means of assessment...

In an ever busy curriculum shortcuts can help teachers ease the workload. Kahoot is one of these tools that can be used for assessment. Kahoot gives you a chance to test children in a fun way. It can be used across a variety of platform to take part in a quiz.

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The step of Kahoot is to create a quiz ( The quizzes are multiple choice with the opportunity to have multiple answers. Questions can be made up including an image stimulus. When creating the questions that are tools such a duplicate to make typing up the questions easier. As many questions can be created to make up your quiz.

KahootThe next part is hosting the quiz. Teachers load up the quiz and host for pupils to join in. Quizzes can be joined using iPads, android, iPhone and laptops. The device that the children join the quiz on is what they use as their answering device. The computer that is being used to host the quiz is where the questions are publish. Each answer is labelled with a different colour which children have to select on their device. If a scoring system is being used during the quiz children find out what position they are in on their device, once everyone has answered the questions.

Throughout the quiz answers are collected in a spreadsheet which can be collected at the end. When pupils join the quiz they sign up using a gamer tag name. Once completing the quiz the detailed results can be downloaded. Children’s gamer tag are named with the questions they answered labelling them correct or incorrect. Straightaway you can see the areas that pupils understanding maybe weaker in a topic. These can be address at another point within the lesson.

Finally the best aspect about Kahoot is that it is free. I suggest taking the time to explore this fantastic resource to assess children’s understanding. It completes your marking.

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