EduApp: Melle for iPad (Word Processor)

An advanced writing app for iPad

Mellel for iPad




Ease of Use







  • A enhanced writing app, now on iPad
  • Functionality of app
  • Advanced writing support features


  • Not all features from the Mac app are yet available, but promised updates soon.
  • Time is needed to appreciate all the functionality within the app.
  • The price.

Mellel is a heavy duty, reliable and agile word-processor built to handle long and complex documents. Mellel for the iPad offers you the option to work on Mellel documents everywhere, with complete fidelity to the document you’ve created with Mellel for the Mac (going back and forth is easy), and offers a useful set of tools to edit, style, track changes, navigate via the Outline, add, fix and tweak.

This is an amazing app, and would is fantastic for longer, and more complicated writing exercises – perhaps for authors, students needing to write long articles or theses, or for those looking for some more advanced features that you can only find on desktop computers.

Mellel supports several powerful features, allowing you to access some high-end word-processing features while enjoying the iPad ease-of-use:

  • Outline: Easily navigate your entire document via the Outline
  • Auto-titles: Easily add headings to structure your document
  • Find and Replace: Find any word, anywhere in your documents
  • Track-Changes: Track changes you and others make in a document
  • Comments: Add comments to your document
  • Notes: Easily add footnotes, endnotes, author notes, and more
  • Tables: Insert and edit tables in your document
  • Word count: Count words, paragraphs, lines, notes, and more
  • Special characters: Use the Insert strip to easily insert special characters and symbols
  • Zoom: Examine details or zoom out to 4-up view, to view your entire document flow.
  • Document viewer: Add, duplicate, delete, name and rename your documents

Styling is easy: Mellel’s powerful styles will allow you to style your documents on-the-fly or using styles, allowing you to maintain consistency and apply a myriad of changes all at once:

  • Character: Apply character styles or set the font, font face, size and other attributes yourself
  • Paragraph: Apply paragraph styles or set the alignment, line spacing and direction yourself
  • Images: Add images to your document, and move them around
  • Lists: Start, stop, increase and decrease lists, and apply list styles
  • Section: Apply section styles to set two, three or four columns in any section of the document
  • Page: Apply page style, to change the margins, headers and footers and other attributes
  • Marking: Mark text easily and quickly.

We think this is a fantastic app, with the promise of further functionality promised for future updates. It is an app for serious writers, and see that it could be used for students who need to undertake prolonged writing projects, budding authors, or researchers.

Mellel for iPad is currently priced at £14.99* and available from the Apple App Store:


*Price correct at time of publication.

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