Is Periscope the New Window for Global Learning? by @smurphymurphy02

Does the live broadcast app have a place within education?

This summer I am taking time to learn about some of the new apps on the market. There are so many new apps being released daily, sometimes it is hard to keep up with what the next big thing will be. Periscope has been one of the apps at the top of my list to learn and research. There are so many neat features to Periscope and updates coming out that will enhance the Periscope experience that has me wondering…could Periscope be the next big thing in education?

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PeriscopeLogoA new window into the classroom, Periscope provides a whole new way to see what goes on behind the scenes.  A possibility to live in the moment (Twitter, 2015). So far I have watched a celebrity eat pancakes, celebrities run and train for marathons, experts talk about shows and upcoming seasons, and the creator of Periscope talk about the new updates coming to the app, but one of my favourites sessions took me on a walk through the Vatican. Talk about a whole new way of learning or being amused! As my mind keeps wrapping around the concept of trying this new app out in the classroom next year, I keep thinking of the ways that this will allow other classrooms into the behind the scenes aspect of learning and classroom culture. How this will allow parents and stakeholders to remain connected.

When it comes to the global learning avenues that we tend to use- blogging, mystery Skype, mystery number Skype, etc., this allows students to connect but not see the behind the scenes. Our students tend to think that all classrooms are run the same way. With apps such as Periscope, I can’t help but wonder if this could this change the way students see and experience the global classroom. We have used back channelling sites such as Today’s Meet that allow students to connect through private chat but what could happen if students could place a name with a face and chat at the same time? The meaning behind global learning, learning about cultures and making friends could change and only for the better! My mind keeps going to the positives of the app but I also keep thinking of the concerns that I have about the safety of the app.

With a social media apps teachers who choose to use need to be ahead of the game. Constant monitoring of the app and content is a must. What I have found and chose to do within my classroom last year was to only have one device that was able to connect. For instance, I am only able to connect to Skype through my desktop which allows me to monitor the comments people send and the people who request contact information. Students were not granted access to the account and only connected as a whole group. When it came to Twitter, as students sent tweets, I watched through the class account on my phone. Students were able to say what they wanted about what we were learning at the time and I was able to intervene as necessary. I can honestly say that if try Periscope in the classroom, there will need to be constant monitoring due to the public audience that it can draw.

Ok, so I guess I am a little excited. My inner techno-geek is really shining through this morning. What do you think? Is Periscope the next big thing for global education?

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Today’s Meet LLC., 2015.

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