Our Shakespeare Adventure! by @mrs_b_tjs

Awaiting the arrival of the ill-fated Macbeth.

This term it was time to tackle Shakespeare – something not done in year 6 before by us!

It has ended up being a fantastic unit – some of the writing and speaking & listening produced has been truly wonderful to see!

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It all began with a visit to The Globe theatre https://www.shakespearesglobe.com/education

It was great to see the place where these plays are performed every day, and the workshop each class had provided by a globe actor really started the unit off with a bang.

Upon our return, we began our exploration! There were noisy soundscapes, resulting in the stunning scenic description of the witches upon their heath awaiting the arrival of the ill-fated Macbeth.

Our next move involved entering the mind of Macbeth himself through his many soliloquies – using the power words exercise (reading the text unabridged and merely picking out keywords) we established the main themes that were running through his mind – should he kill the king? The soliloquies then produced by the class really captured his indecision – and there was some great Shakespearean style language coming through!

Finally, we began the persuasion – Our Lady Macbeth’s proved to be most eloquent in their letters to their dear husband! You’d never know some of these were written by 10/11 yr olds!

We have been really impressed with the quality of work produced by the kids, and we have really enjoyed some of the drama that goes along with it! Using iMovie to record trailers, puppet pals scenes and some of the thunderstorms really added to the overall effect.

Our last little project was to tell the story of Macbeth through verse – and here is our attempt! By no means, a polished MTV production – but with all the verses composed by the children, and pictures accompanied by a GarageBand original backing track makes for quite an impressive first attempt! Well done kids!





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