Summer Holidays? My #summer10 by @bexN91

What's on your list for the summer?

-So I hadn’t blogged for ages and now I’m writing again less than a week after last time.  This evening browsing on Twitter tonight I read this blog by Rachel Jones.  Having just finished reading her latest book I decided I’d join in too.  I won’t explain it here, you can read the post yourself.

This is a re-blog post originally posted by Rebecca Nobes and published with kind permission.

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Without further ado, here’s my #summer10

  1. Enjoy being a student again!  No, I don’t mean the nights out, lie ins and takeaways… I want to get really stuck into my masters, especially these next two weeks of lectures.  I’m looking forward to learning again and getting back into studying education.
  2. Read a book.  I know most of the reading I will be doing over these next 6 weeks or so will be to do with the Masters, but I would like to try and read something else just for myself.  Ideally I’ll go for something not education related but I’ll not promise that one!
  3. Get clued up on Growth Mindset.  Having heard it mentioned loads at a conference last week I mentioned Growth Mindset to the assistant head for Teaching and Learning.  She’s really interested and wants to meet me about it in September so I need to know what I’m talking about!
  4. Do some exercise.  A while back I bought a collection of exercise activities for the Wii – dancing, yoga, cardio etc.  I’ve used them… once?
  5. Learn more about photography.  I invested in a new camera last month, a step up from the last, but I don’t feel I know enough about photography to get the most from it.
  6. Get out and about with the camera.  I’ll need to put the knowledge to good use!
  7. I’ll try and get more adventurous with my cooking.  Of late we’re getting much better at the sorts of things we cook but I’d like to get better with ingredients and knowing how to do things.
  8. Catch up with friends.  With so much going on I know I’ve not stayed in touch with my friends very regularly.  It’s easier with some than with others but I’ll be able to be a bit more flexible with my time for a few weeks.
  9. Enjoy my holiday and explore.  I’m going on a cruise with my parents and we’re stopping in a lot of Spanish cities.  Being able to speak the language gives me more confidence to explore and I should make the most of it.
  10. Don’t spend the whole summer thinking about September.  Obviously there are all sorts of bits and pieces that I will need to make sure I have ready for September, especially with the Masters and other things I’m getting involved in, but I need to make sure I don’t spend my time worrying about or planning for September.

I’ll blog again just before term starts to update you.


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