Session 262: “Differentiation is Easy”

Thursday 23rd July 2015

-?#?ukedchat? was hosted by @funASDteacher with the session focused on “Differentiation is Easy”


In particular, the session asked:

  1. How do you encourage reluctant writers to put pen to paper?
  2. How do you reduce anxiety for those students who find making mistakes in their writing difficult?
  3. Accuracy or Content! Which is more important, and do you manage this?
  4. How do you give students with limited experiences things to write about?
  5. What was the best lesson you’ve taught in relation to motivating your students to want to write?
  6. How does/can technology be used to support differentiation?


We discussed, how to get students to start writing, even when they we nervous. Everyone then moved on to talking about how they prevented anxiety about making mistakes from stopping students from writing in their classrooms, and whether content or accuracy is more important. One of the most animated parts of the discussion, was where people discussed how they gave their students experiences to write about and which lessons they had taught that really inspired students to write.

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About the host:
I’m an Autism Inclusion Leader, working primarily with students with Autism who are unable to access mainstream due to extreme anxiety. I am also responsible for students with Autism in the mainstream school we are attached to, and for advising mainstream staff how to differentiate for them. As part of this role I write a daily blog about differentiating for students with Autism


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