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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we don’t all agree on everything. We all come with different ideas; expectations and values that make a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning impossible to subscribe to. Making learning accessible to all isn’t about making it more complex, it’s not about more bells and whistles - it’s about flexibility.

No individual piece of hardware represents the future, it’s the ‘solutions’ that the technology offers for learning that’s vital. Is it accessible to all? Does it promote interaction? Does it reflect the world we live in? Can it be personalised? Prowise isn’t just hardware or software, it’s both, working together in synergy.

On face value Prowise gives you a beautiful, robust, anti- reflective touch screen in your classroom (anything between 42” and 96”). But before you have nightmare flashbacks of trying to tune in your TV, the Prowise Touchscreen is simple to operate because it’s designed with the end user experience in mind. One plug, one power button, auto calibrating, USB sockets, 4HDMI.

The Prowise screen has an impressive ten point touch and pen tool that recognises the pen nib and not the heel of your palm. On it’s own bespoke lift system, the screen can be lowered for younger users or those in wheelchairs and reclined to form a coffee table for real collaborative work.

But behind the scenes Prowise have also created Presenter – a free library of tools and learning content, created and developed by curriculum advisors. There are quizzes, voting tools, mathematical and geographical tools, 3D explorations tools and much more. It’s growing too, because it’s attached to the Cloud, so class material can be uploaded and shared at the drop of a button and software updates happen automatically. Such is the success of Presenter that last year educators across the globe uploaded over 600,000 lesson plans!

Key Features

  • Two-way interaction with any tablet
  • Send Screen, Votes, Quizzes, Word Clouds
  • 10 Point Interactive Touch Screen
  • Loud Integrated Sound System
  • Create, Share, Deliver Lessons from the Cloud
  • 5 Years Warranty!

Prowise went a step further and made their technology interact with any other device that has internet access. They called it Pro Connect and it’s an app – free to use, easy to download. For schools without huge IT budgets, this makes entry level tablets (rather than expensive iPads) a viable option as well as the possibility of BYOD. Students can interact with the on-screen content from their own mobiles, tablets and laptops, whether that’s a maths test or a class vote.

It’s not just a fun application; this level of personal activity transforms learning in the classroom for staff and pupils. It gives a voice to even the quietest of students and keeps everyone, not just the front row students, consistently engaged in the class.

Prowise have developed a complete 360 degree solution but they’ve remembered to keep the user experience at the forefront. There is no moment when you’re left with a large cardboard box and a 500 page instruction manual. The on- site demonstration and free training from the friendly, jargon free Prowise Screen team is as invaluable as the technology itself. If it doesn’t get used, then it isn’t worth a penny.

As well as the free demonstrations and training, Prowise have an online ‘Discover & Learn’ library, which offers handy, bite-size tips and hints to help users make the most of their equipment. Teaching is changing just as fast as technology. As educators become ‘learning facilitators’ it’s enormously important that they feel confident not just to use the Prowise equipment but to use it to it’s full capability. Only if they realise the technologies full potential, do their students have a chance of reaching theirs.

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Case Study:

Oswaldtwistle School, in the heart of Lancashire, is a unique learning facility with a unique set of students.

Some students are referrals from surrounding mainstream schools, while others have considerable health requirements for which a mainstream location is unsuitable. All are extremely vulnerable young people.

It is the challenge for headteacher Mark Bocker to help each and every child with their own learning journey, to assist them at their own speed and in their own way. Technology would seem to offer a flexible and accessible solution, but with a tired and unreliable IT system they needed help.

Prowise Screens understood the requirements of a challenging educational facility.

Dave MacDougall, Business Development, said: “We knew Prowise would be the perfect fit for Oswaldtwistle School. The Touchscreens are very strong which makes them accessible to all, especially children, as they are virtually indestructible.

“Teachers can create lessons online and then login using the touch screen to run them.

“The children can interact with the Prowise screen with their tablets and PCs, which they really enjoy. It brings the lessons to life which is fantastic for both staff and students alike.”

But Prowise Screens didn’t just email a spec sheet and a price. They came to the school. They met with the teachers and students and delivered a free on- site demonstration of the Prowise solution.

“We know that Prowise is affordable for schools, but helping staff get to grips with the new equipment is absolutely priceless and a key part of what we do. We don’t use techy lingo, we don’t baffle people with science. We have fun and we leave the staff team feeling confident and excited about their new system!” Dave added.

This feature was originally printed in the July 2015 Edition of UKEdMagazine. This is what the editor had to say about Prowise:

As a teacher who uses technology a great deal with my pupils, I know the importance of a reliable, intuitive interactive screen. The teacher’s whiteboard is often a window to far off places.

I was delighted with the user experience of the Prowise Touchscreen and the Presenter software in particular. Far from being an add-on, the Presenter is a remarkable product with allows the teacher and learners integrate their ideas with just a few clicks. The collaborative power of the software left my mind buzzing with a plethora of lesson ideas and I can’t wait to use the Prowise system with my class.

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