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Looking for Minecraft in the classroom resources? Just after writing this post, I came across a truly monster set of Minecraft in the classroom resources, and I just had to add it to this site! Click on the above link and prepare to be amazed!

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I was looking for fresh inspiration for what else I could add to my site to help teachers, parents and students find even more of my resources. I can across this absolute gem of a site, and while at first I thought I would cherry – pick it, then describe the key resources, the more, I looked into it, the more I realised that there was simply no way I was ever going to be able to recreate this site, and so I highly recommend you go directly to https://www.pinterest.com/nessa77777/minecraft-in-the-classroom/ and check out the resources for your self.

What are some of the top Minecraft Teaching Resources there?

  • The first one to catch my attention was the 65 free Minecraft teaching resources for the home and the school, all beautifully arranged by subject. There is plenty going on there for everyone, especially those who need a little push when it comes to doing maths or English.
  • Have difficulty getting your students to write creatively? Then this Minecraft story map will suit them perfectly. It is a wonderful idea. It is simply laid out and designed to spark interest in students.
  • I have never thought of using Minecraft to teach phonics, especially blends and so I was thrilled to see this highly rated worksheet appear on the above link. It will certainly inspire other teachers to look differently at how we can use Minecraft in the classroom.
  • Minecraft comprehension strategy sheets – there is expanding vocabulary,comprehension strategies, and fluency strategies.

By using different Minecraft teaching resources, students are motivated and involved, while you benefit (I have discovered personally) by being viewed as a hip, cool and happenin’ sort of teacher, which is always a major bonus. These resource could also be used to generate your own homeworks.

I am always ready to be inspired, if you know of more Minecraft teaching resources sites, I would love to hear about them!

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