We can’t possibly allow this! by @Dai_James1942

[1] Quoted from introduction to Mastin & Watson ‘Why don’t the Chinese Play Cricket’ (Teaching History 122)

[2] Twitter today resounds with mocking comments about ‘Levels’

[3] @LearningSpy

[4] What we had instead of ‘CPD’. Is the term still understood today?

[5] The reader will I hope come to appreciate the cunning and utility of this instruction.

[6] it therefore becoming markable and non-re-usable, by the way.

[7] Putting children’s mistakes right has to be handled with tact. Using this system no-one else but the two children involved knows that a blunder has been made, and face is saved.

[8] A shock for able children who could normally doze through lessons: one said ‘I hate your lessons, I have think all the time’

[9] It goes almost without saying that the cognitive dissonance between two adult accounts is vastly beyond the ability of KS3 pupils. I was right and Mr McAleavy was wrong.

[10]great constructive statesman’ versus ‘lackey of the Czarist tyranny’

[11] Of which a series on Russian History for the Edexcel A Level Syllabus has been published by ZigZag Education of Bristol – see https://zigzageducation.co.uk/synopses/4972-edexcel-a-level-history-dialogues.asp

[12] i.e. the double lessons of which one generally gets one a week up to KS3 and 2 or more after that.

[13] Although even this may be language which the bottom end of Y9 may find difficult. Remember that the example is taken from work intended for IB students.

[14] When you have been taught in an authoritarian system, as I was, and as they had been, hearing about contradictions between ‘real books’ is a shock to the system: finding them themselves was revelatory.

[15] If you don’t like what I’m saying, you will be thinking that I ‘dumbed it down’.

[16] We need to discuss copyright here.

[17] There will be some clever person who will see it as a typo and correct it to ‘Serf’, but no matter.

[18] One of them the cleverest boy in the world, given that he had just come top of the American Universities SAT test!

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