UKEdMag: By @Collaborate_Ed – Developing Numerical Reasoning using The Clash of Clans

Join the leader of The Mighty Roma Clan!

Clash of Clans is a really engaging game and very popular with children of all ages. I am the leader of The Mighty Roma clan, the one with the purple shield and yellow flame, if you want to join it!

I created the clan so that my children could play with a chat free from blasphemy and bad language, but the game offers immense opportunities for numerical thinking. For example, each troop has a different cost in elixir and each village you raid has certain amounts of gold and elixir available for looting, though it is not guaranteed you will get it all, unless you demolish all their storages. So, one easy way to develop numeracy is to get learners to work out different combinations of troops to take into battle and their costs. Then, pupils can justify the decision to attack a particular village based on the amount of gold and elixir they can loot.


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This article was submitted by Alessio Bernadelli, Independent Consultant (Cardiff, Wales)

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