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A ‘love’ for teaching really shines through...

This honest book written by John Tomsett really sucked me in.

I love the way each chapter starts with a story from his career followed by research, reading and suggested strategies/ideas to follow. It didn’t take long to read and I was gripped all the way, even in circumstances where the stories were not primary ed focused, I still wanted to hear about the experiences!

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The book is written mostly from a ‘leaders’ perspective but I really needed to hear it. Alongside classroom strategies that everyone could try, the book helps to make it clear what you should expect from a good leader and what you can do to help for the greater good of the whole school. I am really into this way of thinking and want to work in a cohesive, supportive, innovative environment – exactly what John promotes in his writing. However, his honesty about the profession makes you understand that it is not easy, you can’t have ’empty’ expectations without being prepared to work for them – and work hard!

If you don’t want to hear about his background and how experiences have influenced his career, you must read his matter-of-fact, honest, somewhat heartwarming bullet points.

Even though this book is ‘work focused’ with facts, figures and strategies, you can tell how much John cares about the children and adults he works with on a daily basis. His ‘love’ for teaching really shines through.

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