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A compendium of careful advice for teachers by Nina Jackson

As any teacher will tell you, day to day teaching has many sour and sweet moments. From the elation when the learning ‘clicks’ with the students, to seeing the misery, stress and isolation when a learner struggles with stubborn roadblocks to moving forward. Whether you are tweaking your lesson to make a marginal improvement, or addressing an impasse in the learning of a student, seeking advice and asking the right questions is key.

Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons has been written with the aim of providing sound advice to teachers at their fingertips and to put the fizz back into their teaching. The book is written as a series of questions from real teachers and then attempts to answer them. The thirty-three question themes include student behavioural and confidence issues, managing staff and parent interactions, implementing action research, meeting the special needs of pupils, and much more.

Nina has used the questions as a starting point for covering a slew of related learning areas. The answers are succinctly written in bullet points for quick reference and interlaced with longer explanations and useful, well-designed resources, and often differentiated into early years, primary and secondary sections where different approaches are needed. The book’s conversational and jargon-free style makes it an effortless read.

Jackson expertly goes beyond the obvious and offers innovative ideas to bring that extra something to your lessons. The book encompasses both the ‘big picture’ of education and well as offering advice for small tweaks to improve the minutiae details of your teaching and your students’ learning.

If you’re looking for a book that will add ‘sweet moments’ to your teaching every day, and one which helps you to explore new ideas for your classroom, then I highly recommend this book. While experienced teachers will find plenty to use and refer to in this compendium of advice to refresh their teaching, it is with relativity new teachers, in their first few years of teaching where this book will prove invaluable and is essential reading for ITT students and NQTs.

Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A compendium of careful advice for teachers by Nina Jackson is published by Independent Thinking Press / Crown House Publishing, and is available from Amazon in paperback (£16.99*) and Kindle (£16.14*).

*Correct at time of publishing.


This article was originally printed in the October 2015 edition of UKEdMagazine

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