Session 281: Classroom Management: Share your Top Tips!

Thursday 3rd December 2015, hosted by @ICTMagic

Following a poll, this session (hosted by @ICTMagic) explored Classroom Management.

The session opened by asking, is it a teacher’s responsibility to enthuse pupils, or should engagement be a given? Jow W opened by arguing that, “It is teachers responsibility to ensure learning is accessible.Ts should strive to make lessons relevant and engaging”, with Gail Abbitt agreeing, “Yes! Engagement should never be a given! Good teaching us about being able to connect with and enthuse students.” Alan Mellors added, “Teacher creates the atmosphere IMO – clear and consistent expectations/routines + high expectations and students will engage”, but a really noteworthy comment was made by TT who pointed out, “If engagement was a given, internet self-learning courses would be more successful and prevalent.”

This was then followed up by a subsequent question asking where does praise and reward fit into classroom management? Again, Joe W contributed that, “Praise should be meaningful, sincere and not overdone so students realise its value”. Indeed, Suzanna C added, “Praise can be limiting and can have little impact. Focus on feedback and intrinsic reward.” – Praise must not be tokenistic, but heartfelt and true.

The next question asked how can parental involvement impact classroom management? Jonathan Bailey commented that, “Parental involvement is SOOOO essential. Children are much more willing when they now they are cared for/challenged.”



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