6S’s wonderful Zoo’s!!! by @Mrs_b_tjs

A Year 6 Maths Project, from the eyes of one of the children.

In 6S this year our maths set has been working extremely hard. In particular we have been focusing on our zoo projects to extend our learning abilities. This task has been exciting and interesting as we were learning about real life by designing a zoo and calculating the overall running costs.

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Personally, I found it a preparation to the adult world. In this blog post i will explain the steps to complete your zoo…


  1. Equipment
  2. What did we learn?
  3. How did we do it?
  4. What could I have improved?


  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • A maths book
  • This blog post!!!

What did we learn?

By completing this task we have been able to learn how jobs and money costs work in the UK. As well as that, we have seen just how hard it is to have a job in a zoo and how expensive the whole zoo is.

How did we do it?

  1. Next you need to design some animal enclosures and work out the perimeter and the area ( for example you need to know the formulae for working out the area, I.e 1/2 (a+b) xh is the formulae for a trapezium) you will need the perimeter and area for the next few steps.

2. After that you will have to think of a suitable entry price, judging by what’s in your zoo .

3. Furthermore you will need zoo costs: 

4. You now need to work out how much it will cost to pay all your bills

5. After that you need to know how many visitors come to your zoo and then you need to multiply that by your entry fee

6. 2/5 of visitors will spend £5.95 in the gift shop, how many is this? How much do they pay altogether?

7. Finally, add up your bills and then your money that you receive from visitors

8. Once you have done that take away the visitors spends from the bills. Do you have a profit?

Here you can see my finished zoo!!

What could I have improved on?

Personally, I think that I could have improved on my actual zoo by using time a bit better. However, I made a fair profit of £78652.30 so I have achieved a fair aim. Next time I will focus more on making good use of all my knowledge of mathematics and animals to fit in a few more enclosures.

Images Credits: Article images provided by Claire Burton. Featured (zoo) image via su neko on Flickr under (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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