Respond to Criticism with Gratitude

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With regular observations, judgements and feedback given to teachers, it is difficult to accept criticism of an element of your teaching practice when you have invested so much energy and time ensuring that the lesson delivered met the needs of everybody. Nobody likes getting criticism, and we can easily exaggerate in our minds to consume ourselves with self-doubt and question our ability to teach.

Clearly this is silly, but business blog Inc. points out, the entire criticism process can be awkward for both parties. The person giving criticism can feel like they’re being mean, while the person receiving can feel like they’re being reprimanded. By showing gratitude for the feedback, you communicate to yourself and the other person that you realize you’re participating in a positive process.

Delivering constructive criticism can be a challenge. Demonstrate your grace by thanking your boss or colleague for his or her honesty and professionalism when offering feedback. Ask for clarification if you have any questions. Consider thanking the person for his or her input.

Sometimes the person giving feedback may be abusing their power and being a total fool, however if someone is offering you useful feedback, show that you’re open to it, rather than being standoffish and, naturally, following their advice anyway. Other feedback advice is available on the Inc blog, by clicking here.

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