Session 290: Wellbeing; Leadership of Teaching & Learning?

Thursday 18th February 2016


This session was co-hosted by: @Gary_S_King & @RobertsNiomi and focused on the following questions:

Q1 How can we restore a sense of wellbeing for teachers in difficult situations?

Q2 What values are the most important when supporting and developing teachers/leaders?

Q3 How we can we ensure that leadership models develop and respect teachers?

Q4 How can/does the leadership of T&L in a school impact + or – upon morale and wellbeing of teachers? Examples?

Q5 How should appraisal sit within a schools T&L model? Should targets be set as a prerequisite?

Q6 What’s the ONE thing schools/leaders can do to promote wellbeing through their leadership of T&L?


The Wellbeing: Leadership of teaching and learning chat kicked off with the question ‘How can we restore a sense of wellbeing for teachers in a difficult situation?’ To which many educators were able to respond with their views, understanding and advice, many of which were superb pointers. Mrs Barton @FloraBarton tweeted ‘lots of support, give them time out of class to refocus and prioritise’ and Matthew Gaukroger @thatICTperson tweeted ‘reduce the pressure and workload on teachers’. However other’s asked the question…How can this be achieved, whilst meeting all targets?

Patrick O’Connor @ottleyoconnor tweeted that ‘Difficult situations are a particularly great place to focus on wellbeing’. I agree with this statement and believe it is important for SLT to generate a positive and upbeat atmosphere in order to thrive during the difficult times.

The discussion then moved forward and covered elements of how leadership models have moved from passionate educators leading to business managers, and how this can be prevented as educational values are being lost and mismanaged.

Both myself and Gary King @Gary_S_King  (co host) were pleasantly surprised with the high quality and well informed opinions. A particular view that stood out was the fact that many of the teachers, leaders and educators were extremely supportive of teachers in difficult situations and suggested that no matter the scenario, a sense of understanding, trust and reduced pressure is needed to ensure that the wellbeing of the teacher is paramount.

The questions that followed ‘What values are the most important when supporting and developing teachers/leaders?’ and ‘How can we ensure that leadership models develop and respect teachers?’ made way for many more valuable contributions.

Listening, supporting and trust is key. Teachers need to know who they can go to for encouragement when morale and self esteem is low. As Amy Jeetley @amyjeetley states ‘listen to them and their concerns; see what would be most effective for wellbeing. It’s about recharging themselves. Clearer minds’. This view was clearly echoed by others involved in this exciting wellbeing debate.

Gary will be adding his section in the next couple of days.


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