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There are a large number of apps available which can be used to create new learning experiences for students or to enhance existing learning experiences. There are also lots of teachers sharing ideas via Twitter, blogs and other online sources yet I continue to be of the opinion that we, as a collective of teachers, could do more.

The issue as far as I see it is not one of technology failing to provide but relates to mindset. Teaching is a social activity and as such is subject to a myriad of changing variables. As such to continue to deliver the best learning experiences for our ever changing students we must continually be looking to improve, change and evolve. I believe that experimentation is a part of this in trying new things including new apps and technology solutions.

For every teacher engaging online with new ideas and then taking these back to try in their class, there are many more who are not engaged. If we are seeking to improve the learning experience through technology then we all need to adopt a continual improvement mindset and continually experiment and engage in finding the best solutions for learning.

@garyhenderson18 Director of IT - Somerset

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