Session 293: How could technology be used to reduce marking time and provide effective feedback?

Host: @rondelle10_b


Questions Q1. How can we use technology to help students improve as a result of feedback? Q2. What specific examples of technology can you share that have proven to alleviate workload/marking pressures? Q3. How do you evidence IT based feedback without the need to print out reams of paper? Q4. Which barriers need to be overcome to allow technology to be effectively used for marking and feedback? Q5. What is the best way to train staff to use technology that can be effectively used for marking and feedback? Q6. How can staff that are reluctant to use technology be won over so that they see the benefits to their marking and feedback? Q7. With shrinking school budgets, which are the most cost effective forms of technology that could be used to provide meaningful marking and feedback? Q8. How can staff be supported to use technology so that provide appropriate marking and feedback for their students?

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