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From the UKEdChat Ambassador for East Midlands, England.

Last week I did a twitter poll to see if my fellow educators are still optimistic about the future. The purpose of this poll was to see if the media’s negative representation is shared amongst tweeting teachers?

The results are below:-

As you can see the results are quite conclusive.

Are they optimistic?

25% say YES with a staggering 75% saying NO!

I then thought what would this mean in real terms? What would this mean if we were to take this data and apply it to teachers and students:-

If you look for statistic the Department for Education says there are

  “438,000 teachers in state-funded schools in England on a full-time equivalent basis”.

If I was to take my small survey as giving a scaled representation of the entire work force there would be

• 109,500 teachers who are happy in the profession

• 328,500 teachers who are pessimistic about the future.


The statistics are even more alarming if we were to use the above approach on the student population.

“In January 2012, there were 8.2 million pupils attending 24,372 schools in England (including nursery schools, state-funded primary schools, state-funded secondary schools, special schools, pupil referral units and independent schools.)”

There would be an alarming amount of children who are being taught by teachers who do not see education as a positive place.

• 2,050,000 children taught by an optimistic teacher

• 6,150,000 children taught by a pessimistic teacher

So what are we to do?

What does the future hold?

Surely this cannot be true?

Personally I am still optimistic, I believe that this data is not a true representation of the UK educational workforce. I understand that there are issues that need to be addressed and that there are areas that really need to be overhauled but I also believe that we have the educators to make this change happen.

Personally I believe in education and I know of many awesome teachers/educators who share this passion. Although the data looks dreadful and ominous I know that we as educationalist will and can find a viable solution.

The overall message that comes from this is:-

Keep Calm and Remember You’re A Great Teacher!!

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Nick Overton is the UKEdChat ambassador for the East Midlands region of England.

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