ClassDojo Expands From Classrooms to Schools

New enhanced features added to the popular classroom community app

ClassDojo has announced it is expanding beyond individual classroom communities, to connecting whole schools. For the first time, school leaders will be able to join ClassDojo, alongside all the teachers, parents and students in their school. In addition, all teachers and school leaders in a school will now be able to safely and easily communicate with all parents in their school on ClassDojo.

“ClassDojo is the single most effective service I’ve ever used for safely connecting groups of teachers, parents and students,” said Chris S., a principal in Westland, Michigan. “Our entire community loves it: sharing photos, videos, updates and more through the school day has helped us create a culture of trust and positivity at school and at home. I tell every teacher, parent, and principal I meet that they need to join!”

Growing From the Ground-Up
Teachers join ClassDojo and use it to build an encouraging classroom community of students and parents. And while teachers have always shared ClassDojo by word-of-mouth with others, over the past year the company saw more and more teachers inviting others in their school to ClassDojo. As entire schools joined, teachers — and school leaders — began asking for ways to go beyond individual classroom communities, to creating a whole school community.

“I first found out about ClassDojo after seeing it spread ground-up amongst teachers in my school, and hearing how excited everyone was about it,” said Pamela T, a principal in San Diego, California. “I had been looking for ways to help my teachers with difficult things — like creating a supportive classroom culture, or building deeper relationships with parents. ClassDojo was already helping them do all of that — and everyone loved it! As part of a survey we did for National Parent Day, the things parents said they loved most was being part of the community on ClassDojo. It’s made a huge impact on every level.”

This year more and more school leaders joined ClassDojo as ‘teachers.’ Seeing this, two months ago the company set up a waitlist specifically for school leaders — and, in the first week, 5% of principals in America signed up for it. The team spent the next few weeks working with them to develop an initial set of schoolwide features.

First Schoolwide Features
The result is that today, ClassDojo is rolling out its first features to support ClassDojo usage across whole schools. These include:

  1. “School Story”: School Story allows teachers and school leaders to safely share photos, videos, and messages with all parents connected to the school at once, replacing cumbersome school websites, group email threads, newsletters, and paper flyers. As with all communication on ClassDojo, parents will be able to instantly translate messages into 35 languages.
  2. School Leader Accounts: for the first time, school leaders can create their own accounts on ClassDojo. This allows them to easily reach parents and share moments from the school day through photos, videos, and messages.

ClassDojo teachers are excited about building a community beyond their own classroom and connecting with the other teachers and school leaders in their school.

“I was the first to join ClassDojo in my school. When other teachers saw how it was helping me connect with parents and build a supportive classroom culture, it spread quickly to every classroom in our school,” said third grade teacher Julie T in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Until now, we’ve all been using it individually, to create our own classroom communities. With ‘School Story,’ we can now create a school community that includes all of us: teachers, parents, students, principals, vice principals and other school staff. None of us can imagine teaching without it!”

As of today, over 25,000 school leaders in the U.S. have signed up for a ClassDojo school leader account.

“Change in education doesn’t have to come from the top,” said Liam Don, co-founder and CTO of ClassDojo. “From the very beginning, we’ve taken the approach of speaking with teachers to understand what they need most. That ground-up approach helped millions of teachers create incredible classroom communities with their parents and students. Starting today, those teachers and their principals can create incredible school communities too.”

Schoolwide features are available today for all teachers and school leaders. Existing ClassDojo members can get them now by updating their ClassDojo app, and those new to ClassDojo can get started by downloading ClassDojo from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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