Session 296: How can Technology Augment Assessment & Feedback?

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Course - Using Technology for Assessment & Feedback

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Q1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of assessment and feedback?
Q2. What is the current state of formative assessment and feedback at your school?
Q3. Is the majority of your feedback written? How else do you feedback?
Q4. How can photos and audio recordings be used in assessment and feedback?
Q5. How can online quiz platforms be used to aid assessment?
Q6. What are your favourite digital tools for assessment and feedback?
Q7. What opportunities does using digital technology in assessment and feedback give a teacher and students?
Q8. What disadvantages does using digital technology in assessment and feedback create for a teacher and students?

Seemingly, assessment and feedback is a complicated topic. As well as every teacher having their own view on what are the best methods for a given situation, each school has a different approach, with the Government also exerting their influence. This was clearly shown in the answers to the first two questions where a range of answers were offered for this central strand of teaching. The only common theme was that current assessment should be used to improve learning in the future. Beyond that, the details were not agreed on.

Chatters gave a wide range of feedback techniques beyond written marking. Orally feedback seemed to be the method of choice, with peer feedback being mentioned be many participants. Technology didn’t really feature at this point of the discussion.

In the central part of the discussion technology in assessment and feedback became the main focus. Chatters seemed more enthusiastic about using technology in assessment, rather than in feedback, with tools such as and getting many people excited.

In the final stages of the discussion participant talked about the opportunities and disadvantages of using tech in assessment and feedback. The answer to both seemed to be time. Yes, technology in assessment and feedback may save teacher and learners time, but it also has the potential to waste time and create another layer of ‘digital paperwork’ and create barriers to learning. Yet it seemed that most agreed that wisely chosen tech had more pros than cons.

Tech has the potential to improve assessment and feedback, but it is important that it is well chosen and than the staff and pupils are part of that choice, know how to use it effectively and see its value.

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