Note from a Recently Qualified Teacher by @bexn91

The worst time to be in teaching?

‘The worst time to be in teaching’ it has been said to me,
Things are dark and dismal, ‘no time to drink our tea’
The piles of books are growing, more data sheets to fill,
There’s progress to be made, resilience to instill.

We’re working longer hours and our performance manages our pay,
And that MP on the tele wants to extend the school day?!
The arts are disappearing with that Ebacc on the scene,
Do they think that rigorous studies suit each and every teen?

The answers that we’re searching for, no one really knows,
We’re all quite frankly in the dark, and honestly, it shows.
But I think we’re forgetting something, a concept that is key,
This isn’t only happening to teachers, can’t you see?

Time changes things for everyone, not always for the best,
And no, we didn’t come into the profession to teach them to the test.
Performance management is rubbish, but it was only a matter of time,
With other professions we’ve been brought into line.

I’m not saying it’s all fine and dandy, I acknowledge it’s not ideal,
And yes, some of these reforms are like reinventing the wheel.
But maybe it’s the future and we have to make things work,
Don’t forget the holidays, they must remain a perk.

It’s a time of opportunity, a time to influence change,
Even if some new ways may at first seem strange.
Eventually things will be better,
We’ll get there one of these days.

I know this view’s not popular, and I know that things aren’t fair,
Just think of us newer teachers, we cannot stand and despair.
This is the profession we’re entering, however it may be,
Even if it’s not quite the one that you used to see.

We’ll have to make the best of it, we’ll do whatever we can,
And don’t worry, we’ll stick up for ourselves, we’ll come up with a plan.
But don’t stand there and tell me how bad it is, how my career will turn out,
I’m already nervous of what is ahead without you shedding doubt.

Please keep fighting for what is right, and make your opinions known,
But let’s not give the impression, that all we do is moan.
It doesn’t do us favours, it will not help our cause,
So when times are getting hard, maybe we should pause.

Remember teachers, you’re not alone working late tonight,
Keep the faith, that moving on, things will be alright.
The road ahead is long and rough, that I won’t deny,
Things though, they can get better, as the months go by.

This is a re-blog post by Rebecca Nobes and published with kind permission.

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