UKEdMag: Book review – Take Control of the Noisy Class by @RobPlevin

The humble classroom door. Often neglected. Often abused. Rarely utilised. But the classroom door holds great power, and as you allow pupils to enter the classroom, if they don’t respect the power of the classroom door (boundary) and what you expect from their behaviour and attitude, then you are faced with an up-hill struggle.
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It’s all about establishing and maintaining control, according to Rob Plevin in his new book, “Take control of the noisy class – from CHAOS to calm in 15 seconds”, creating mutual respect and expectations that are respected by the most challenging of classes which you are confronted with.

Don’t take us wrong, this is not a book about the humble classroom door, or what you can achieve in 15 seconds. Instead this is a book all about positive classroom management, with tips and ideas on how to ensure you enjoy your teaching, and your pupils enjoy having you as a teacher. It takes time. It takes work, but Rob certainly provides you with a great collection of classroom management ideas and resources to help you run the lesson smoothly.

Rob is clearly interested in the psychological aspect of behaviours in the classroom, with many of the examples illustrated within the book being supported by studies and theories in how we react to positive reinforcement, consequences and taking control. This book helps teachers transform their ability to connect and succeed with hard-to-reach, reluctant learners.

As for the door? Oh yes, Rob suggest two steps to quietening the students at the door:

  1. Make general, non-confrontational statements as to the behaviour you want to see rather than confrontational rants about things you don’t want to see, and
  2.  Chat informally with individuals and small groups of students (infiltrating the cliques) to show that you are human, and cool!

But setting the tone of what you expect, in a calm and rational manner is critical in ensuring that your lesson enhances their learning from the first moment they enter the classroom. Save your voice, and read this book.

Article featured image via: Marcus Pink on Flickr under (CC BY 2.0)

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