Quizlet Brings User-Powered Learning into the Classroom

Teachers Now Have a Platform That Gamifies 125 Million Study Sets to Engage Students and Develop Collaboration and Critical Thinking Skills

Quizlet, the world’s largest user-powered learning network, today announced Quizlet Live, a classroom game platform available to teachers on Quizlet.com. As Quizlet’s first product designed specifically for teachers to use in the classroom, Quizlet Live challenges students to work together in teams to learn in a highly interactive and collaborative way. Tested by more than 1.1 million teachers and students in a private beta over the last two months, the game helps students build soft skills, taps into intrinsic motivation, and injects energy into learning any subject.

Following on the momentum of its $12 million Series A funding and passing one billion study sessions, Quizlet Live is an important expansion into the classroom, providing teachers a novel learning tool to engage students, especially as ‘end-of-year’ blues start to emerge. Quizlet Live lets teachers use any of Quizlet’s 125 million study sets to generate a question/answer matching game that teams, selected at random, race to answer. In its beta period, teacher feedback was incredibly positive, noting that Quizlet Live’s team approach enhanced learning and retention while building confidence and soft skills.

“What I love about Quizlet Live is how cooperative it is. It really asks 100% of students to be engaged and work together,” saidNina Portugal, an English teacher with Oakland Unified School District.

“My students and I are excited for Quizlet Live because it brings Quizlet’s success in independent learning into a collaborative class format. Since teammates depend on one another, it incentivizes learning,” said Rebecca Kilian, a Latin teacher at Town School in San Francisco. “As a teacher, I can use the data from Live as a formative assessment of student learning. If one team really struggled in a study set, I can see exactly which target words gave them trouble and make sure to circle back with those kids before an assessment. It’s a win-win learning game for teachers and students. Quizlet Live has been tested in classrooms of every learning type, including those aimed at adults.”

From reviewing old material to introducing new concepts, Quizlet Live encourages cooperation and improves learning outcomes. In a recent poll of more than 7,000 Quizlet users, 95 percent said they felt Quizlet helped improve their grades; 90 percent felt Quizlet improved their motivation as learners.

“Shared learning experiences — especially when created or recommended by peers — matter. We wanted to bring our same success in individual study tools into the classroom to give teachers more ways to engage with students,” said Andrew Sutherland, Quizlet CTO and Founder. “How people feel when they learn truly affects learning outcomes. Learners feel a sense of accomplishment as they use Quizlet, and those little wins build confidence and motivate them to improve.”

Despite the rise of mobile devices, broadly available internet, and access to low-priced devices like Chromebooks, very little software is designed to take advantage of the classroom environment around students working together and improving soft skills. Quizlet Live is designed to fill that gap.

Quizlet Live is available to teachers on Quizlet.com on computers and tablet devices. Visit https://quizlet.com/features/live to learn more.

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