Book: Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools by Mike Kent

25 simple-to-prepare educational assemblies

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  • Great book to inspire assemblies
  • Practical activities, with a great use of resources
  • Short, easy ideas suitable for all primary age groups
  • Resources suggested should be easy to access in any primary school

Primary school assemblies should be exciting and interesting. They should allow children to share in valuable learning experiences. Over his 30 years as a head teacher, Mike Kent has developed amazing assemblies that do just this, and he shares them in this new practical resource.

Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools consists of twenty-five very special teacher-led assemblies: ideal for teachers, head teachers and, indeed, anyone who is required to lead assemblies. The assemblies have been designed with the busy teacher – or school leader – in mind and are really simple to prepare. The detailed instructions outline the resources and preparation needed. Every assembly is straightforward and uses materials that are readily available in school. You’ll discover how to fascinate a group of children using little more than a pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper.

Just how strong is an eggshell? How can you pick up a bottle without using your hands? How can you make a coin move without touching it? The answers to these questions, and many more, are revealed in this amazing resource: take your children on a journey of hands-on learning and discovery.

The tried-and-tested assemblies are ideal for presenting to large groups of children and all have an interactive element, encouraging children to participate as helpers. They cover a vast range of subjects, drawing cross-curricular links from across the primary curriculum. There are science experiments, art demonstrations, problems to solve, word games, maths puzzles, quizzes and much more. Each assembly centres on a theme, which can be developed in many different ways afterwards: follow-up ideas make it easy to explore the learning further. Children can try the ideas themselves in class or at home. Although the assemblies are primarily aimed at Key Stage 2, many are also eminently suited to Key Stage 1.

Each assembly outlines the materials and preparation needed, gives step-by-step instructions for introducing and delivering the assembly and offers plenty of follow up ideas. Planning and delivering an innovative, child-centred assembly has never been easier!Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools is an ideal practical resource for anybody required to take primary school assemblies.

What we think?

There is nothing worse than leading your class into assembly, and realising that the person who was supposed to deliver the assembly is absent, and your colleagues all scramble back to their classrooms to ‘”sort stuff out”, leaving a room full of pupils all looking at you to deliver an assembly that will inspire and motivate them. No pressure there then! There are those colleagues who can think of their feet, and ramble on for fifteen minutes explaining the virtues of life, whether it’s relevant to their audience or not. Whereas other people go into full palpitations at the prospect of delivering an assembly to the school, planning and refining their script to the second, taking weeks in the preparation.

Gaining the inspiration for an assembly can sometimes be the main obstacle, but this “Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools: 25 simple-to-prepare educational assemblies” by Mike Kent offers a fantastic small collection of ideas which can provide inspiration to any teacher who is suddenly given the opportunity to deliver an assembly. The collection of ideas does require a little preparation, as many require resources to support the assembly, but the easy step-by-step ideas and guidance for each assembly is presented fantastically, giving inspiration and hope for those teachers who are thrust in front of the school to deliver an assembly.

This is a fantastic book resource which would be well positioned on any staff room book shelf to support staff who deliver assemblies, with a great mix of ideas to inspire.

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