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You can almost hear a collective sigh across England after the final Year 6 SATs exam is completed. Parties are common as the stress is finally over the haggard Year 6’s, and there is little more the teachers can do whilst waiting for the final analysis to come in. In fact, many Year 6 pupils gain a sense of excitement or trepidation as their thoughts cast towards the transition into secondary school, so keeping this excited group focused during the last few weeks of primary school can be a challenge. It is felt best to keep a sense of routine, but now new responsibilities can be placed on this cohort in preparation for the transition they are to face.

– Updated 2018 –

It’s 2018, and so much is going on. With the World Cup taking place in Russia this year, explore the project below that can help pupils gain a knowledge of the mix of countries taking place in the tournament.

Also, it is nearly 100 years since the end of the First World War, and with it is the opportunity for your pupils to look, in-depth, at the conflict in preparation for the anniversary of the end of the War in November. Explore the topic idea below.

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Apart from the predictable after-SATs school residential trip, we’ve come up with a list of ideas shared by experienced teachers who understand that keeping these groups busy is essential, for their own sanity.

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