6 Signs that you love being a teacher

A light-hearted list :-)

Great jobs are hard to find, and being a teacher is one of those jobs many in the profession feel was their true vocation in life. Well, that’s how it felt when you first started, but how can you tell that you still have that true, inner love for the job? Well, here are 6 certain signs that determine that you still love your job:

1 – Monday mornings

The difference here is whether you wake up on a Monday morning and think, “Oh no! I can’t handle another week at that place”, or whether you reaction to the realisation is, “Yeah, it’s Monday morning. Where’s my keys?” The difference between the two can include many factors, but if the former reaction is a response to workload, colleagues, or that weekly Monday meeting (#yawn!), then don’t despair. If you are excited about teaching your students (yes, even those Year 10’s!), and can’t wait for the positive interactions with your pupils, then allow that to be the positive focus of your attention on a Monday morning.

2 – You feel like all the school management values what you do.

Receiving affirmation for your teaching efforts can have a positive impact on your own sense of well-being and determination to improve your pedagogical approaches with your pupils. This is all about a supportive (we’re all in this together) ethos within the school. If it’s not working for you at that school, then look elsewhere!

3 – You are always keen to try out new ideas to help improve teaching and learning in your classroom.

You love learning. Not just seeing your students learn, but your own learning and enjoy any opportunity to see new ideas being rolled out, and challenging your own routines with innovative ideas that will improve your teaching, and the learning opportunities of your pupils. You know where to go for new ideas, and your share any new ideas with respectful enthusiasm to your colleagues.

4 – You don’t necessarily want to climb the leadership and management ladder.

It’s just not a priority. Some of the best teachers concentrate just on that. Teaching. The thought of being promoted to a leadership or management position fills your heart with dread, as it means leaving the classroom to fill in forms and spend more time sending e-mails, rather than teaching – with your students.

5 – You have a life – outside school.

Yes, there is paperwork, planning, marking, assessments and all that, but you know how to unwind and get yourself lost in a hobby or activity that actually benefits you. A teacher who is happy with their life, including spending valuable time with friends and family, is going to show their contentedness in their teaching, as you are happy within yourself. This also links in with (2) above, as a good management team will realise and support your well-being inside and outside school life.

6 – You cannot imagine doing anything else.

That’s right, you love teaching – day in and day out. You love it so much, you can’t imagine doing any other type of work. You feel your work makes a difference, and you’re good at it. Even if you didn’t get paid, you’d do it (or something like it) anyway.

Article inspired by Lifehack

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