Session 314: Games and Learning

Q1. What role do pupil initiated games play in your school, both in and outside of the classroom?
Q2. Learning is serious – Do we want games in our classrooms?
Q3. What role can games play in behaviour management?
Q4. How can sport games impact of classroom learning in a meaningful way?
Q5. Have you ‘gamified’ your classroom? Plan to? How and why?
Q6. Which games do you use in your classes? Rules, purpose, response from pupils?
Q7. How can computer games enhance learning opportunities?
Q8. Final thought – Are there advantages to gamifying CPD?


Like myself, it seems that most classroom games originate from the teacher. Few of the UKEdChat participants said that the children initiate the learning games used in class. I’m honestly not sure if this is a failing or an necessarily, but it is certainly interesting that we often commend children on their imaginative game creation, but do not use this ‘expertise’ in the classroom.

All UKEdChatters said that they use some form of gaming in their classroom with many saying that it forms an important re-enforcement to the learning, while others voiced that it was part of the learning itself. The discussion moved towards to role of games in behaviour management. When setting the question, I imagined talking about behaviour charts and gamifying learning. However, more participants focused on using games to stimulate interest and improve engagement in the lesson itself.

Views of the role sport can play in ‘classroom learning’ was mixed with many chatters discussing the positive role it can have on team ethos and grit. Others felt that the impact was limited or superficial on academic learning.

The topic turned to ‘gamifying’ learning. Some people voiced the view that all activities could be viewed as games where ‘players’ (learners) must choose the correct strategies to overcome obstacles. Others felt that games had a place in the classroom, but not to take over learning and that learning itself should be cherished in its own right. View the archive for the many ways in which teachers are gamifying their classrooms.

There were similar thoughts about computer based games in education. Most UKEdChatters saw the value of games in learning, but they should be a tool, rather than taking over the learning process completely and be the only strategy used by teachers. Moderation seems to be what most participants were thinking.

As a final thought the question of gamifying CPD was discussed. Surprisingly, some chatters felt that their CPD had already moved in this direction and a few people described playful activities with their colleagues in insets and twilight. View the archive to see how playful it got!

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