A Framework for Evaluating Web Tools by @edutechchick

As educational technology burgeons in the school setting, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to decide which tools belong in your classrooms and school divisions. Most tech tools deployed in schools are web-based, easily accessible, and reasonably priced.

That does not mean they are all equal.

It’s also likely that when you research tech tools, you will find more than one option.   So how do you decide?

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The first step is always to determine the learning goal and go from there. Students deserve the best technology tool available to meet their learning objectives while having their privacy protected.

Yes, I said students deserve the best tech tool available….so, how do you decipher which technology is the best for your students?

What should you look for when protecting student privacy?

The Framework for Evaluating Web Tools is a document that you can use to guide your decision making when implementing new web-based instructional technology. It includes ten questions to help you make a technology decision.

If you are unable to answer the posed questions, you need to continue to conduct research and/or contact the tech tool you are considering.

Feel free to use and share the Framework for Evaluating Web Tools with your teachers and school divisions!

Check out the preview below:


If you are unable to answer the questions, you aren’t ready to make the technology decision. You have more research to do, my friend!

framework for making tech decisions

Grab your copy of A Framework for Evaluating Web Tools here.

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