UKEdMag: ‘I’m rubbish at Maths’ How personal experience can influence teaching by @karadubai28

I’m rubbish at Maths’ are words that regularly come out of mouth during my adult life. This fixed mindset is deep rooted. When faced with a Maths challenge I have immediate flashbacks to those bottom set Maths lessons where everyone else were given more complicated problems with bigger numbers to solve. I may have a fixed mindset in terms of my own capabilities, but I believe every child has the capacity to be a fantastic Mathematician, if they are given the opportunity and are encouraged to have the belief in the ‘power of yet’.

In researching strategies to use in school, the work of Carroll Dweck and Alison Peacock @AlisonMPeacock has been invaluable. As Maths Subject Leader, I am always looking to improve learning opportunities for children and for them to develop a love of Maths, something I too am developing in time. Ability groups are no more; our children reflect on their learning and choose their level of challenge. They are resilient risk-takers, understanding that making mistakes helps them to learn and that a page full of ticks means they may not have challenged themselves enough to develop their skills and understanding.

@karadubai28 Assistant Headteacher - Dubai

This article originally appeared in the October 2016 edition of UKEdMagazine

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