10 things teachers should do during the holidays

Finally, the school holiday you have been counting down to has finally arrived. For many, winding down at the end of a term takes some time, and then you will need to wind yourself back up ready for the return – but that’s ages away – let’s not worry about that.  So what can you do to make the most of the time? Planning? Assessments? Spreadsheets? No, no, no, no! Alas, it’s time to STOP and distract your busy mind with something else positive, relaxing, and enjoyable.  If you’re at a loss as to what to do to with the time, helping you to switch off and relax, try out our 10 suggestions below.

But what works for you? Different things work for different people, so please scroll down to the foot of this page to add your comments, so we can share ideas with colleagues to help them unwind during the holidays.

  1. Read a book, for pleasure – Not one of the tremendous CPD books that are available. Go for a fictional story, where you can lose yourself into another world.
  2. Visit the sea or country side – We’re all near the countryside. It doesn’t take much to find a public footpath and explore a coastal or country area near where you live. Dress for the occasion, and enjoy the fresh air, wildlife, and time.
  3. Binge watch a box set – There are so many streaming services now, with fantastic content which you can drop into anytime. Some services don’t require a 12-month contract, so just sign up to a month and enjoy some Netflix, Amazon Prime, or NowTV box sets, so you can absorb yourself into some great television.
  4. Catch up with a friend or relative who you’ve not heard from for YEARS – You might hold friendships on Facebook with people you have not seen from in years, so reach out to them, and reminisce on your shared history, and catch on the latest news and enjoy how other people are living their lives.
  5. Write – start a journal or an online blog, clearing the frustrations from your head. This doesn’t have to be a public journal, but clearing your head by writing can be very relaxing. Just enjoy gathering your thoughts together and releasing the pressures in your mind onto paper.
  6. Start planning your next vacation – We know, that seems ages away as well, but having a goal of a holiday can be very encouraging as you have something really enjoyable to look forward to. Even if you’ve just come back from holiday, start exploring where you would like to go, and see if you can already start plans for the next trip away.
  7. Rediscover an old hobby from your past – You might have once enjoyed stamp collecting. You might have enjoyed fixing old artefacts. You could have even enjoyed exploring antiques once. Think back to your past hobbies, and see if you can pick up where you left your interest years ago. You never know, it might just re-ignite that old passion.
  8. Shopping – We’re sure many of you have this in check, but aimlessly browsing the high streets or shopping centres is very therapeutic for many. Just make sure you have a willing accomplice happy to be dragged around. Support your local charity shop – you may find a bargain there – but keep a close eye on your budget, and don’t go beyond your means. Yes, you know what we mean!
  9. Exercise – Walking, running, skipping…whatever, but don’t rush to the local gym and sign up for 12 months, unless you are sure you can commit. Many simple exercises are free, and getting outside, active and moving is essential for all tired teachers. Just exercise a bit. OK?
  10. Spend quality time with your family and friends – Turn off your tech. Make sure that your head is in the best emotional state, and enjoy time making those closest to you feel valued and loved.

I’m sure we’ve missed some things that you like to do to unwind. Let us know. Scroll down to add your comments, so we can share ideas with colleagues to help them unwind during the holidays. But whatever you’re doing with the holidays….enjoy the break!

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