Great discounts on fantastic Apple Apps over Christmas

Offers end 26th December 2016

If you have found yourself unwrapping a new iPhone or iPad this Christmas, or if you’re just trying to sort out your apps for the new year then explore App Santa, a little holiday App store landing page, which has collected together a bunch of quality apps for holiday discounts. Some of our favourite are there, encouraging you to write, catch up on podcasts, or improve your social media experience.

These discounts are only applicable until December 26th, so click the links below to ensure you get the discounted prices.

Here are some of our favourite, which we think are great for educators:

Castro: Podcast Player (25% off at £2.29) - Designed for iPhone

Podcasts are a great way of picking up audio content to keep you in the loop with your interests and hobbies. Listen to a podcast episode when you’re sorting out your classroom, travelling to/from work, or when you have some ‘down-time’. With thousands of quality podcasts updated regularly, you can download your episodes when you’re connected online, and then listen when it suits you. With a 25% discount, one of the best rated Podcast Players for iOS in Castro: Podcast Player. Castro is a clever podcast app that includes episode triage, that can scan a new podcast episode and decide whether you’re interested or not. If you’re new to listening to podcasts, this app is worth checking out.

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter (50% off at £3.99) Designed for iPhone and iPad

Without doubt, Tweetbot is the best app for Twitter on iPhone and iPad. Even with the discount, you may think the price is high, but trust us when we say it is worth every penny. The main benefits of the app include: streaming - when you don’t need to refresh so you can see the latest tweets; quickly and easily swap between accounts - if you have multiple accounts to manage, and; landscape support on iPhone and iPad. The only downside we’ve experienced is that you can’t have group Direct Messages with Tweetbot, but hey ho! Tweetbot also synchronises between your devices, and also has a Mac App, for those who are truly Apple geeks (like some members of the UKEdChat team!), which is also discounted during the holidays.

Day One - Journaling App (70% off at £2.29) Designed for iPhone and iPad

Start off the new year by journaling your life privately using the devices that are always nearby - yes, your tech devices. Day One has evolved since it was initially launched, and now has some clever tricks that help you record what you’ve been doing, and reflecting upon your experiences. One clever little feature tracks where you have been during the day, so prompting you to record what you’ve been up to in your private journal. The data syncs to iCloud, so you can work via your multiple devices, along with the Mac App (which is 40% discounted at £22.99!). This is a great little app if you are determined to start journaling, with daily reminders (via your custom alerts) prompting you to write things down for a few minutes. You can also export your entries (which can includes photos) to a PDF, if you are inclined to print out your entries. Give it a go!

Drafts - Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere! (Down to £2.29) Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you like writing, or plan to write more in the new year, then Drafts is a great little app for organising and noting your ideas in a clean, intuitive fashion. Extensive output options let you send text to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Message, a Calendar event, quickly save (or prepend/append) to Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote and much more. We like the fast, clean nature of this app, and does not provide distraction whilst you are writing. The app also includes a fully customisable extended keyboard row, with support for simple text snippets. A great little writing app.

Remember the prices stated above are only applicable until 26th December 2016.

All App Store links on this page go to the UK Apple App Stores.

The other apps discounted in the App Santa offer include:

  • Soulver - a notepad calculator, great for quick calculations. (Click here to view).
  • Rando Emoji - Animated kaomoji stickers for iMessage (Click here to view).
  • Star Walk HD - An interactive astronomy guide for iPad that shows celestial (Click here to view).
  • Launch Center Pro - Launch actions, not just apps (Click here to view).
  • Screens - Connect back to your computer from anywhere in the world (Click here to view).
  • Vee - Create beautiful videos with an entirely new way to shoot, edit (Click here to view).
  • Interact - Do more with your contacts (Click here to view).
  • Star Walk - An interactive astronomy guide for iPhone that shows celestial (Click here to view).
  • Pennies - Your money. Made simple (Click here to view).
  • PCalc - A powerful scientific calculator (Click here to view).

Of course, the UKEdChat app is always free. Click here to view.


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