Intrinsic Motivation by @mschiavelli

If we start kids by rewarding them with prizes, their Intrinsic Motivation will vanish.

The link between Motivation and rewards is very subtle in Education and Learning.

Rewarding students for getting their schoolwork done with prizes can have the effect of dismantling a child’s passion to learn. The Intrinsic Motivation that come from exploring interests in depth, and mastering difficult concepts and problems, can be smothered by a reward system that focuses on grades or tests rather than understanding.

Our cultural inclination to praise and reward kids, often for minimal achievement, contributes to the decline in kids’ Intrinsic Motivation. Students have to be responsible for their own learning process otherwise, they lose Confidence and Motivation. Teachers are mere facilitators to help them become independent young learners.

It is important to praise their effort rather than their results and never forget fun that drives enthusiasm and curiosity for learning.

Educators have the power to affect how students are motivated.

This is a re-blog post originally posted by Mario Schiavelli and published with kind permission.

The original post can be found here.

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