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Report from England’s @ChildrensComm puts social media T&C’s into digestible form

Recently released from the Children’s Commissioner in England, Anne Longfield, the complex terms and conditions set out on Social Media have been re-written by lawyers in plain language, explaining to youngsters precisely what they are signing up for. Using the Terms and Conditions for Instagram as an example, the rules set by social media companies can be over complicated and lengthy, but the Growing up Digital report explains what users are signing up for when they join the flocks on social media.

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Parents feel ‘excluded’ by Scottish Government’s school consultation

PARENTS have been left “puzzled and excluded” by an official consultation into plans for radical changes to the way schools are run.

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) said fewer than one third of members were able to contribute to key questions on the reforms because of the way they were worded.

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‘Bonfire of children’s rights’ Bill opposed

A Bill described as “a bonfire of child protection rights”, which would let councils opt out of key legal duties to children, is being debated on Tuesday.

The Children and Social Work Bill would let local councils apply to set aside children’s rights and checks on care to try out innovative ways of working.

The government argues it is a bold approach to removing red tape.

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Grammar schools are a ‘distraction’, says new chief inspector of schools

Grammar schools are a “distraction” and a “complication” the new chief inspector of schools in England has said, in her first public criticism of Government policy since taking up the role.

Amanda Spielman’s comments have put her at odds with Prime Minister Theresa May who plans to overturn the ban on grammar schools imposed by Labour some 20 years ago.

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Peers defeat higher education and research bill by 248 votes to 221

Peers have defeated controversial government reforms of higher education that would have made it easier for new free-market colleges to award degrees and become universities.

Labour, Liberal Democrats and crossbench peers in the House of Lords defeated the higher education and research bill by 248 votes to 221, voicing fears that reforms in the bill would unacceptably commercialise the sector by allowing private colleges to profit from awarding degrees.

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Children are more apt to confess misdeeds if they think parents will react positively

Even if they believe they could be punished, older kids are more likely than younger children to view confessing to a misdeed as the right thing to do.

And kids of all ages who anticipate that a parent would feel happy about a child’s confession–even if they might be punished for the misdeed–are more likely to come forward rather than conceal transgressions, according to a new study from the University of Michigan.

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New Ofsted chief: ‘I want everyone to see us as a force for improvement’

When Amanda Spielman’s appointment as chief Ofsted inspector in England was announced, there was a general shaking of heads: unlike her predecessors, she hadn’t spent a minute as a teacher.

However, unlike the half dozen previous holders of the title, Spielman can argue that her experience as a founder of the successful Ark academy chain better fits what she calls “the increasing sophistication of the education landscape”.

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SNP face accusations of dropping schools improvement scheme

Education ministers have been accused of ditching a flagship schools twinning scheme after only three years. The scheme was announced in 2013 in an effort to drive up standards, with underperforming schools partnered with those punching above their weight in exams.

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