‘Is it Friday yet?’ by @chrisbourne2win

A common phrase in the school environment. Yet one that can have an extremely negative influence.

Imagine a Wednesday afternoon and a class teacher brings her students into assembly. As they walk into the hall, the teacher expresses the phrase to a colleague who is sitting with their class as the first ones ready.

Those four words have now spread from the negative thoughts of one teacher to their colleague. Instantly the colleague is now turning his attention to the end of the week and wishing the hands on the clock to tick faster.

Not only that, particularly with assemblies incorporating a period of quietness, the 60 children from both classes have been hit by a negative resistance. All of a sudden, four words have influenced the thoughts and feelings of 62 people.

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Unfortunately many a school environment is tarnished by such considerations. As many of us know, children pick up on your emotions straight away. If you are tired, children will push the boundaries; if you are showing signs of negativity, children will respond inadequately; yet if you are positive, the feelings spread and the children feed off that atmosphere.

So why can’t Monday be the new Friday? Why can’t working in school be as fun as weekend activities? Why can’t we have as much passion for our jobs as we do for our hobbies?

Yes, there are undoubted pressures on the teaching environment but if you grab the scenario with both hands and endeavour to undertake and conquer the challenge, that flame for teaching might just reignite once more.

Be a radiator, don’t be a drain. Enjoy what you do and embrace the challenges. Spread those positive vibes to the environment around you. Make a difference.

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