Session 341: The Funding Gap


The squeeze on funding is having an impact on the educational opportunities of our young people. This discussion was about how teachers are coping and strategies for using what you have.

Following the #UKEdChat poll, this session explored the funding gap and the impact on teaching and learning. The following questions were asked:

Q1. What actual impact of the funding gap have you seen in your own school/classroom?

Q2. What strategies have been put in place by (a) your school and (b) yourself to cope with a lack of funding?

Q3. How has the funding gap impacted CPD and training? [Related BBC news article]

Q4. Schools can be wasteful places. How can schools/teachers change to save funds without impacting on learning?

Q5. How can schools raise extra funds without negatively impacting on families and the school community?

Q6. How can schools and teachers work together to save funds?

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